The EEGS Foundation 2020 Silent Auction is now an Ebay Auction! 

Beginning Wednesday July 29th at 10am CST you can view the available items by clicking or pasting the following link into your browser: .  The auction will be live for 10 days, plenty of time to view the many wonderful donations.

Below is a sampling of items being offered. The eBay location will carry the most up-to-the-minute items and selling status. Want to make a tax-deductible donation of equipment or money? The form below can be used to donate any items.

Donation Submission Form:


Some current 2020 Donated Items:


Donated by: The R.T. Clark Companies Inc.

Value: $1,900   /   Starting Bid: TBD

24-channel DAQLink Seismograph

Donated by: Seismic Source Co.

Value: TBD  /   Starting Bid: TBD

12-Channel Seismic Spread Cable

Donated By: Proseismic Services

Value: TBD  /   Starting Bid: TBD

Book: Dams and Levees (5 copies)

Donated By: Springer Science+Business Media

Value: $150  /   Starting Bid: TBD

GSSI Structure Scan Optical System w/ 1.6GHz Antenna

​Donated By:  Hagar-Richter Geosciences

Value: TBD  /   Starting Bid: TBD

Geometrics 858 Gradiometer

​​Donated By:  TetraTech

Value: TBD  /   Starting Bid: TBD


​​Donated By:  TetraTech

Value: TBD  /   Starting Bid: TBD

WellCAD Software

​​​Donated By: Mount Sopris Instruments

Value: TBD  /   Starting Bid: TBD

John Stowell Traveling Mineral Specimin - Amethyst

​​​​Donated By: John Stowell 

on behalf of Mount Sopris Instruments

Value: TBD  /   Starting Bid: TBD

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