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The EEGS Foundation 2020 Silent Auction was a huge success! 

Beginning Wednesday July 29th, 2020 the Auction was initiated on eBay. It was live for 10 days, plenty of time to view the many wonderful donations, and generated a ton of interest.

Below is a sampling of the items offered for sale. The eBay location carried the most up-to-the-minute items and selling status. Want to make a tax-deductible donation of equipment or money? The form below can be used to donate any items.

Donation Submission Form:


Some current 2020 Donated Items:


Donated by: The R.T. Clark Companies Inc.

Value: $1,900   /   Starting Bid: TBD

24-channel DAQLink Seismograph

Donated by: Seismic Source Co.

Value: TBD  /   Starting Bid: TBD

12-Channel Seismic Spread Cable

Donated By: Proseismic Services

Value: TBD  /   Starting Bid: TBD

Book: Dams and Levees (5 copies)

Donated By: Springer Science+Business Media

Value: $150  /   Starting Bid: TBD

GSSI Structure Scan Optical System w/ 1.6GHz Antenna

​Donated By:  Hagar-Richter Geosciences

Value: TBD  /   Starting Bid: TBD

Geometrics 858 Gradiometer

​​Donated By:  TetraTech

Value: TBD  /   Starting Bid: TBD


​​Donated By:  TetraTech

Value: TBD  /   Starting Bid: TBD

WellCAD Software

​​​Donated By: Mount Sopris Instruments

Value: TBD  /   Starting Bid: TBD

John Stowell Traveling Mineral Specimin - Amethyst

​​​​Donated By: John Stowell 

on behalf of Mount Sopris Instruments

Value: TBD  /   Starting Bid: TBD

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