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2012 Madeline Dana Lee  PhD

In her talk, “Hydrogeophysical investigation for groundwater at the Dayspring Children’s Village, South Africa,” Madeline presents an overview of the main objectives and initial results, the importance of promoting humanitarian applications for geophysics, and how she was not only able to contribute her personal experience and skills, but what she also learned as a student, an advisor, and an international collaborator. Madeline started working in Africa in 2008 as a consultant for the large-scale geophysical survey in Uganda. She became involved in Geoscientists Without Borders® (GWB) after having met Dr. Susan Webb (University of the Witwatersrand) and being introduced to the GWB project.


Since 2009, Madeline has aided with on-site geophysical surveys and subsequent data processing. Her participation in the project, through field work and first-hand discussion, aids in establishing collaborative ties between South Africa and Canada and the education of students in applied hydrogeophysics. Madeline is in the final year of a PhD from McMaster University, working in conjunction with the Geological Survey of Canada and the National Research Council. Her research focuses on semi-automated interpretation methods applied to magnetic data for natural resources exploration. 

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