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2011 Stephen Moysey, PhD


The Geoscientists Without Borders® program has created a new opportunity for the near surface geophysics community to participate in solving humanitarian problems around the world. In his talk, “Experiences from EM to Oxen: Working Beyond Borders to Address Water Scarcity in Rural India”, Dr. Moysey will offer perspectives on different ways to become engaged in the program, based on his experiences working in rural India with an intent to inspire and think creatively about how you can lend your personal experience and expertise to make a 

difference without Borders. 



Stephen Moysey is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences at Clemson University. He holds a PhD in Geophysics from Stanford University and MS in Hydrology from the University of Arizona. His research focuses on hydrogeophysical data integration and model calibration. He first became involved in international development as an undergraduate student at the University of Alberta when he helped build latrines for a village in Ghana. Dr. Moysey strongly believes in applying science to the service of mankind.


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