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The EEGS Foundation is a 501(3)c charitable organization chartered to encourage the use of geophysical technologies and to aid those who endeavor to learn more about them. The Foundation was formed in 2007 to support, and as an extension of, the Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society (EEGS).


The world's population continues to grow, and with it the need to understand the near subsurface better and more efficiently than ever before. Increasing demands for clean water supplies, newly engineered structures in more difficult geologic conditions, and expansion and reuse of brown field sites are just a few of the tasks put to geophysicists, geologists and engineers today.  In order to meet the environmental and engineering challenges of the future, the role of near surface geophysics must also expand. The Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society is dedicated to meeting that challenge.


The EEGS Foundation provides a path for individuals and companies to fund the ideals of these organizations through tax-deductible contributions.

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